The Christmas Kid - Tony Turner SOCAN
A cowboy rides in the foothills on the eve of Christmas time
Through dusty snow where the pasture grows in the sight of the lodgepole pine
There’s a prairie town in the distance lit up by a Christmas star
And a hard-riding stranger who’s traveled from afar
His saddle bags are bursting with presents he will give
On a chestnut mare is a rider they call the Christmas Kid

Some say he was an outlaw who turned to better ways
Some say he worked a claim and struck it rich
Some say he swore his dying ma that amends must be made
By bringin’ the poorest children yearly gifts

Milly’s bar was loud that night and full of Christmas cheer
And there in a darkened corner was old Cody downing beer
He swore to all who’d listen, the Kid was a wanted man
To prove to it them one and all he hatched a wicked plan
And then he raised his glass that the town would soon be rid
Of December’s midnight rider they called the Christmas Kid

The children at the orphanage were snug inside their beds
Dreaming of Christmas day to come
The Kid rode in by the river bridge and followed tracks that led
Straight to the sights of Cody’s gun

Who can say with certainty what happened that cold night
For there but one witness, those silent Northern Lights
They found old Cody hog tied with note pinned to his vest
Saying “Merry Christmas one and all may you give the world your best”
Now the children are rejoicing ‘cause December’s legend lives
The Santa of the ranchlands they call the Christmas Kid